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Linda Mallon, a retired Army Master Sgt, has found her place working with veterans and their families in Granbury. She was a former claims administrator for Blue Shield of New Jersey and later a senior sergeant dealing with soldiers’ careers for over 20 years.

Veterans who actively use Ebenefits know that the claims website has moved to and this site is worth checking out as it gives you access to healthcare, disability compensation, benefits education, records and more. is a one-stop-shop for all veterans needs, including the VA crisis line, survivor benefits, and connections to local VA services. While exploring the website, I found VANtage Point which is basically an online journal with great articles, story stories, news clips and a login to the VA Podcast Network, which includes a collection of programs of interest to veterans. I am always looking for new sources of information to pass on to the troops and the Stage Point is definitely worth a visit.

If you’ve watched the news, you know there are troops leaving the service because they don’t want to participate in a clinical trial for a virus with a 99.8% recovery rate. Pentagon forces them to take an experimental COVID photo; a shot not approved by the FDA, except for emergency use authorization. Although the FDA says Pfizer’s Comirnaty has been approved, after reading the FDA’s own website ( -mrna), it seems to me only the Biologics License Application (BLA) for Comirnaty has been approved.

After calling four major pharmacies, I was unable to find out if and where the actual “Comirnaty” product is available. The reason Soldiers choose to leave the service rather than participate in a clinical trial is their concern about the lack of long-term studies and the potential side effects they may experience, which appear to be hit and miss. Many argue that they already had COVID and have natural immunity.

Anyway, I am here to support the troops and validate their demands. As a veteran duty officer, I am prepared to file claims for service members who may have been injured by the COVID-19 shooting. The potential side effects range from pain at the injection site to myocarditis and even death.

As with the anthrax vaccine, not everyone will experience the side effects of the vaccine. However, I have experience filing claims for injuries associated with the anthrax vaccine and have been successful with these claims because the symptoms presented themselves while service members were on duty. active service.

I am also ready to help challenge their exit if they were judged with a “less than honorable” because they refused to participate in a clinical trial. Veterans will see their compensation and pension checks increase 5.9% in January 2022, the largest increase in 40 years. Keep in mind that if you have been assessed between 10% and 20% and we ask for an increase in your Disability Award, you will also need to apply for additional dependents compensation, so make sure you have them. dates and locations of all marriages / divorces / deaths. current and previous spouses, addresses, dates and places of birth of dependent children, and all social security numbers handy.

Each year I thank the many partners we work with here in Hood to benefit our hometown heroes and their families and this year is no exception. I would like to thank VFW Post 7835, The American Legion Post 278, Post 491 and American Legion Post 462 at Glen Rose, The Disabled American Veterans Post 238, The Granbury Chapter of the Military Officers Association, The Rally Project, Pecan Valley Centers, Mission Granbury, The Hood County News and all who partner with us to care for our veterans. There are too many to name them, but you know who you are. May God bless you all and thank you as we look forward to a fantastic New Year.

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