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VCV Rack 2 is the best free virtual studio Eurorack

Image Credit: Rack VCV

After two years of development, VCV Rack publishes the major update of its virtual modular platform based on Eurorack synthesizers.

VCV Rack is a free, open-source, cross-platform software modular synthesizer. After being announced in September, version 2 is finally here. VCV Rack 2 offers all the flexibility of a modular Eurorack synthesizer, with the convenience and portability of DAW software.

With VCV Rack 2, producers can interpret sounds in real time, process live audio, and record full multitrack songs. Compose unique rhythms and melodies with algorithmic and generative techniques. Rack 2 allows users to go beyond hardware limitations with sharing of polyphonic cable module presets, total patch recall and more. From To free and Pro models, VCV Rack 2 is one of the best ways to learn the basics of modular synthesis without spending a dime. Experienced users will be able to improve techniques and design their own advanced synth patches.

Video credit: VSV rack

New features:

  • Darkroom mode to save your eyes at night with adjustable room brightness.
  • Module selections to save, share, edit and move module selections. (New selection format .vcvs.)
  • Improved mod browser to zoom, bookmark and sort your mod collection.
  • Redesigned user interface and integrated modules.
  • Port tooltips, context menu and keyboard shortcuts for faster control of patch cables.
  • Optimized real-time engine with support for multiple audio interfaces (if supported by manufacturers’ drivers).
  • Add / remove individual modules from the VCV library to refine your collection of modules.
  • Discover over 100 new features in Rack’s changelog.

Rack 2 Free is open source, available stand-alone with community support. Rack 2 Pro comes stand-alone or as a VST2 plug-in for full integration into your DAW, with more plug-in formats to come. With Pro, buyers also get professional support. Here are some of the main features of Rack 2 Pro:

  • Save the patches to your DAW project.
  • Instrument / effect plugin.
  • Up to 16 audio input / output channels.
    • Process vocals, guitar, etc. with Rack as an effects plug-in.
    • Run Rack as an instrument plug-in with 8 stereo (or 16 mono) outputs.
    • Send recorded or live DAW tracks directly to the rack using 8 stereo (or 16 mono) sidechain inputs.
  • 16 MIDI input / output channels.
    • Generate MIDI for other DAW tracks with Rack’s sequencer plug-ins.
    • Record and play notes, gates and CVs with MIDI clips in your DAW.
  • Automate the parameters of up to 1,024 knobs, sliders, and knobs in your patch so you can record, play back, and fine-tune your modular performance.
  • Multiple instances with low processing overhead.
  • Render offline when exporting your project mix or pre-render tracks.
  • Resizable plugin window.

Integration with hardware and software:

  • Multi-interface input / output for audio or CV.
  • Polyphonic MIDI in / out for hardware control.
  • VST plugin to host VCV Rack in your DAW (Pro only).
  • Host VST plugins in Rack and control parameters with CV using VCV Host (purchased separately).


  • Over 30 built-in modules with all the tools you need to get started.
  • Over 170 official modules from Eurorack manufacturers.
  • More than 2000 modules available on the VCV library.
  • Develop your own modules with the C ++ VCV SDK.

VCV Rack is available on Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.9 or later, Linux, or as source code on GitHub. Your system should be 64-bit, with at least 1 GB of RAM and 1 GB of disk space.

Download VCV Rack 2 Free and Pro here. Rack 2 Pro costs $ 99 until 2022 and $ 149 after. Or get Rack 2 Pro with VCV Drums and VCV Sound Stage for $ 139 through 2022, then $ 209.