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Vikings blog ranks cousins ​​Kirk above legendary Packers quarterback

The Minnesota Vikings have had their fair share of respectable quarterbacks in franchise history. The first that immediately come to mind are Dante Culpepper, Fran Tarkenton and even Randall Cunningham in the late 1990s. is suitable for Minnesota for two seasons (although we would like to forget about it). However, a Vikings blog thinks current Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins ​​ranks above all of those names.

Kirk Cousins ​​ranked above Brett Favre?

viking center are high on Kirk Cousins, how high? Way too high. Here is their ranking of Favre and Cousins:

#2 Brett Favre (2009-2010)

– This one might rub some people the wrong way. He didn’t have the longevity that others had, but you can argue that Brett Favre put together one of the greatest seasons from a Vikings QB perspective that we’ve ever seen. 107.2 QBR, 68.4 completion percentage, 4,202 yards and 33 touchdowns. The numbers don’t lie. This 2009 team was special. He led us to an NFC Championship game that made you feel like Brett Favre was going to bring us our first Lombardi trophy. In modern NFL officiating, the Vikes win in a blowout thanks to all the cheap hits the New Orleans Saints have thrown at them. Sadly, it was 2009 and he was one interception throw away from leading us to our first Superbowl win in franchise history. This makes him one of the greatest to ever do it purple and gold.

#1 Kirk Cousins ​​(2018-present)

– Earlier I mentioned that I would rank these QBs on talent, meaningful plays and longevity. CAPTAIN KIRK HAS ALL THREE. As a Viking, he averaged a 68% completion rate, 4,096 passing yards, 31 touchdowns and a career QBR of 103.8. He only won us one significant game in the playoffs. But if the Vikings continue to keep him as our franchise’s QB, he’ll have more than enough time to carry us to several deep playoffs. Talent + Meaningful Games + Longevity = Greatest Viking QB Ever.

Did they get it right…? No.

For additional ratings, they had Wade Wilson ranked #5, Dante Culpepper ranked #4, and Fran Tarkenton ranked #3. The three areas they considered were: 1) talent, 2) significant plays and 3) longevity. It’s pretty safe to say that the only category in which Kirk Cousins ​​beats Brett Favre is longevity (speaking for time spent in Minnesota alone). Kirk Cousins ​​spent double the time in Minnesota than Brett Favre did, yet Favre had:

  • The same number of playoff appearances
  • More playoff wins
  • More significant game winnings
  • And while it might be subjective, let’s be honest here, more talent

We’d be back if we hadn’t kicked Kirk Cousins’ Monday Night Football record. He’s 2-9 in those games (his only two wins against the Chicago Bears). On top of all that, Brett Favre had (as much as it hurts Packers fans) the best statistical season of his career in 2009 at Minnesota.

Kirk Cousins ​​isn’t a bad quarterback, but four seasons in Minnesota with a playoff berth doesn’t come close to qualifying him as the Vikings’ best QB of all time.