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Weather blog – Christmas Eve record

Merry Christmas to bloggers,

Something amazing happened overnight with our temperatures. When I was on the air on the 10pm TV news on KSHB-41 last night, it was 40 degrees. I discussed how it would warm up during the night, and my God never did. Looked:

  • 10 p.m. Thursday evening: 40 °
  • 11 EVENING HOURS: 45 °
  • 00h00: 46 °
  • 1 a.m.: 46 °
  • 02h00: 46 °
  • 3 am: 47 °
  • 4h00: 47 °
  • 5h00: 49 °
  • 6:00 am: 53 °
  • 7h00: 54 °

This 14-degree warm-up occurred before sunrise. WOW! And now we’re heading for the hottest Christmas Eve in KC history. The record is 66 °, set back in 1955. We forecast 68 ° this afternoon.

Where’s the snow? If it does not snow by January 2, we will put together the list of the last first measurable snows:

Last measurable snowfall at KC

Kansas City has NEVER gone past Jan.21 without that small amount of 1 / 10th of an inch. There is something coming up that just might end this long snowless stretch.

As it warmed up overnight, the American model (GFS model) came out with this:

GFS model forecast for January 2

GFS model forecast for January 2

What is that? Is there even a chance for this? It shows a 2 “to 5” snowstorm over KC starting on New Years Day, one week from tomorrow. What are the chances that this is correct? Very weak at the moment, but I say there is a chance.

I’m still writing ….

Thank you for sharing this weather experience. Have a nice holiday!