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Weather Blog – Snow is increasing in Kansas City

Hello bloggers,

Snow started falling north of I-70 just after midnight. The heaviest snow was increasing west and northwest of Kansas City, as you can see here on the 1:05 a.m. radar:

01:05 Speed ​​cameras

The green areas show the highest snowfall rates. We will follow this area as it expands today.

Observation at 1 a.m.



Temperatures are dropping and with temps in the 20s during the snow, the liquid to solid ratio will likely be around 11-1. This means that if 0.30″ of liquid falls, we will probably have 3.3″ of snow. Models show about 0.30″ to 0.45″ of liquid and that would amount to 3.3″ to 5.1″ of snow across Kansas City in the first main band. The second main band forming tonight looks like it will follow well south of I-70. That means we will likely be within that 3 to 5 inch range of this storm. There will probably be an area that has a little more, or closer to 6″. The second main group is likely to form later in the afternoon or evening on Thursday. We will be watching this closely as this second main group is really the main band for areas south of KC, and it can add to the totals further north.

Speed ​​cameras at 01:45:

Speed ​​cameras from 01:45

Speed ​​cameras from 01:45

At 0145, the radar returns were increasing in intensity and surface coverage as this large area of ​​snow spread out from the west.

I’m just getting started…..I’ll update the radar as we go through the next few hours…..

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the weather blog and sharing this weather experience. Have a good Thursday.