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Weather Blog – The LRC and the lack of tornado watches

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It will be a windy, colder day with increasing cloudiness today. The Kansas City Royals open the baseball season at the K with the first pitch at 3:10 p.m. There may be a few brief showers and it will be a windy day with high temperatures reaching the mid to upper 40s. The weather will improve from Friday to the weekend, then we will analyze the next possibility of severe weather. We’ll take a look.

There has been a Tornado Watch drought for three years in Tornado Alley. In fact, parts of the KC metro area have not had a tornado watch since May 28, 2019, nearly three years in a row. Johnson and Wyandotte counties haven’t had one of these watches since that big Linwood tornado day. the entire KC metro area was under tornado watch that day and a powerful EF-4 tornado tracked just south and east of Lawrence, KS and blasted through Linwood before lifting and sparing the KC metropolitan area.

What is a Tornado watch? A tornado watch is issued when conditions are favorable for severe thunderstorms…..

Here are the Tornado watches of the last three years:

Tornado Watches 2020

Tornado Watches 2021

Tornado Watches 2021

Tornado Watches 2022

Tornado Watches 2022

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