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Weather blog: Weather watch for fires

Happy Sunday bloggers,

We have seen everything except winter as a weather in December.

One of the largest and deadliest severe weather outbreaks in U.S. history began 160 miles east of KC on Friday. Here is one of the massive tornadoes that was illuminated by lightning in the Missouri stand as it moved northeast at 60 mph on Friday night.

Thank you WeatherNation for these images from Hayti, MO.

Jeff penner

The temperatures of the first 11 days of the month are 10 ° higher than the average. We have seen 1 day with highs in the 70s, 5 in the 60s, 2 in the 50s, 2 in the 40s and 1 in the 30s. Average highs drop from 47 ° to 43 ° over the years. First 11 days of December. We are about to have 3-4 days where temperatures will be 20 to 40 degrees above average.


Jeff penner

December 12 marks the 27th consecutive day without measurable precipitation in Kansas City. On Friday there was a 0.02 “track east of I-35. Most of the rains occurred east of Jackson and Clay counties. This follows a rather wet period. from October 6 to November 10.


Jeff penner

So now, with the soil dry, the humidity low, and the warmer temperatures along with the wind, you get a fire weather watch from the National Weather Service. Here is their statement.

* WIND … South to southwest at 15-20 MPH with gusts up to 35 MPH.

* HUMIDITY … 20 to 25 percent.

* IMPACTS … Any fire that does develop is likely to spread quickly.
In addition, poor moisture recovery overnight will result in
drier fuels Sunday morning.


A fire weather watch means that critical fire weather conditions
should happen. Hear future and possible predictions
Red flag warnings.

The fire weather watch is centered on our observation area. The pink in the grips of Oklahoma and Texas is a red flag warning (time of fire). There is a mix of wind and winter advisories and warnings in the western United States. A frost warning is located in southern Texas with severe wind warnings and wind advisories in the northeastern United States.


Jeff penner

This time will have an impact on the Chiefs game. It will be windy, which may affect the kicks and throws. Tailgaters will need to keep plastic items safe and use caution when cooking. There was a huge grass fire in Arrowhead last week.


Jeff penner

How will it be hot this week? Records broken? Rain in the forecast? Snow at the rendezvous?

Details are in the 6 minute video below.

Have a good week and stay healthy.