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Wednesday Blog: Slow warm-up and preview of the road. -Doug

Wednesday Blog: Slow warm-up and preview of the road. -Doug

Hope your week has been going well so far! Mine was pretty good but busy of course. The weather has been pretty good lately. We had at least some rain and haven’t hit 100 in over a week. Let’s look at some summer stats.

We haven’t had a ton of rain this summer, but at least more for the past two weeks. Wednesday is looking good!


Thursday we add a degree or two.


The rain is likely to return by the weekend. At least scattered thunderstorms by Saturday.


I think the best chance of rain will be next Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Monday evening

This should drop a cold front and at least decent weather for a few days before we start to warm up. We had a global model change. If you haven’t noticed, the rain picked up a tick and the temperatures dropped a tick. It’s because we’re not about 40% new Heady Patterns and about 60% old Heady Patterns. S0, we definitely have this change in the works, which is awesome! Here, in 4 weeks, the new HP will be completely installed and we can start to see what next year will look like. The long term forecast is below.


From Wednesday to next Saturday: Hot but heating at the end of the week. Mainly dry.

September 4-10: A mostly hot week with a chance of thunderstorms to start the week. Then mostly hot and dry the rest of the week.

September 11-17: A warm first half of the week with a mild second half of the week. Chance of rain Tuesday through Thursday.

September 18-24: A first couple of warm days, then just a balmy week. Chance of rain Sunday and Monday.