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West Seattle Blog… | ANDOVER CAMP: visit of council members; compound commander’s insurance

A week after learning that another “remediation” is planned for the Andover RV camp, it’s getting more attention.

West Seattle/South Park Council Member Lisa Herbold and member of the city council Therese Mosque – a resident of North Delridge – visited the encampment today with other officials, including King County Regional Homelessness Authority CEO Marc Dones, and local volunteers. We learned this when Herbold told his colleagues about it at the weekly council briefing on Monday afternoon.

Herbold said she also has an upcoming meeting with the mayor’s office about the needs of encampment residents as the city prepares to enforce the 72-hour parking rule. After the board meeting, we emailed him for more information about visiting the camp. His answer :

I arranged a visit to the Andover site for the Director of the Regional Homelessness Authority, Marc Dones, and some of their staff, as well as REACH outreach workers and outreach workers from St. Vincent De Paul who regularly serve residents, as well as members of West Seattle Mutual Aid (neighborhood neighbors who volunteer their time to help residents). Council member Mosqueda also joined us. A resident of one of the RVs has been in contact with my office and I also have regular contact with outreach workers who have been working with residents for several months or more. I wanted KCRHA to hear directly from people living in their RVs in Andover as they think about how to grow the RV Safe Lot program. I also want to be able to share some of what I’ve been able to learn from outreach workers and RV residents when I and CEO Dones meet again with the mayor’s office this week to discuss the planned enforcement of the 72 hour parking rule at this location.

Residents need free or low-cost repairs to inoperable vehicles, dumpsters, as well as case management to help residents with stolen IDs and access services.

The Regional Homelessness Authority is now the agency tasked with tackling homelessness, rather than a patchwork of city and county departments, although government entities provide funding.

The forthcoming sanitation was mentioned by Southwest neighborhood commanding the captain Martin Rivera during his guest appearance last Thursday Alki Community Council Meet. When the Andover encampment appeared, he assured attendees, “They’re going to start moving these RVs out of there.” He later expanded his comments to other (although unspecified) encampments in the area, saying “our focus lately has been to get these encampments moved, and four or five of them are going to be dealt with. “. We noticed this afternoon that some of the RVs on Harbor Avenue have been tagged orange; we had heard on the radio a few days ago a parking control officer talking about this detail. Motorhomes come and go more often than Andover, where there has been a constant presence for over six years.

PS This is probably one of many Mayor topics Bruce Harrel is questioned during his virtual visit to the District 1 Community NetworkJune meeting, 7:00 p.m. Wednesday June 1st. (See our calendar for the link.)