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West Seattle Blog… | FOLLOW-UP: Many questions remain in Fauntleroy ferry crash

(Photo BMS, Thursday afternoon)

Following Thursday morning’s ferry crash (all-day BMS coverage here), the Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth race is back to two boats, but the damaged M/V Cathlamet remains out of service, probably for months. We asked some follow-up questions to the WSF on Friday afternoon. Not much new information has been made available, but here’s what we learned.

The US Coast Guard continues to investigate whether the ferry struck an offshore structure due to mechanical issues or human error, but there is ‘no further news’ on this, the spokesperson said from the WSF Dana Warr. They were unable to tell us if any of the crew on duty at the time had been cleared to return to duty – but the captain who was at the helm of Cathlamet was certainly not still back to work because, Warr said, the incident happened “on his ‘Friday'”. Still no additional information available regarding the captain’s background or years of service.

Cathlamet remains at WSF’s Eagle Harbor maintenance facility on Bainbridge Island “for further inspections and we are working to file a claim with our insurance company to begin repairs in the future. It looks like the work can be done at the dock, but that could change depending on further inspections. WSF’s supply of rescue boats was already tight with M/V Kitsap to be called in to replace Cathlamet, but another boat will soon complete repairs and resume service – the M/V Tacoma, according to what WSF Jean Vezina say it West Seattle Transportation CoalitionThursday night’s meeting.

Regarding the damaged dolphin – the offshore structure affected by Cathlamet – Warr said: ‘Assessments are continuing but could take a week or more before removal of the damaged piles begins.’ At the WSTC meeting, Vezina explained that the dolphins are useful for guiding the ferry into the dock and keeping it even in bad weather, but not essential, and there is even new magnetic technology in development that could change the need for them. .

Finally, we wondered about the car stuck in the crumpled section of the ferry. “It is likely that the car cannot be removed until it has been taken to a shipyard.”