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West Seattle Blog… | ‘Not so bad’ summer discussed at Alki Community Council

About halfway through the summer season in Alki, it’s “not as bad as years past.” Thus observed Seattle Police District Southwest Officer Tammy Framefirst guest of this month Alki Community Council meeting online and in person last Thursday evening.

That’s not to say the beach was trouble-free. Some residents were there with complaints. But it was generally agreed that the early closure of the beach – 10 p.m., with fires extinguished by 9.30 p.m. – makes a “significant difference”. A resident said: “Much of the noise and rowdiness has evaporated. Even July 4 was “much calmer,” participants agreed; Officer Frame said the (unannounced) street closures that night were planned because police were “expecting larger crowds”.

However, fast and noisy driving continues to be a concern on Alki and Harbor Avenues, and one participant specifically wanted to discuss aggressive driving and other issues on 56th SW, particularly people driving down to the beach from Admiral Way. Neighbors asked for traffic-calming measures but “shopped around,” including suggestions to apply for various city grant programs that are either inactive or not applicable to transportation projects. Officer Frame suggested contacting the Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner for clearer information on possible solutions.

Regarding Harbor Avenue concerns — not only aggressive driving, but also the continued presence of RVs — a local condo resort is hosting a meeting with police this week and has invited representatives from other resorts as well. When asked how best to voice her concerns about RVs, Officer Frame mentioned the Find It Fix It app, as well as contacting the Parks Department, which she described as the “leader topic on camping issues. But she also stressed that if/when you see a crime or “suspicious activity”, call 911 – “we need data” to quantify concerns, she stressed.

One more note before the end of the shorter-than-usual meeting – the Elemental Alki reconstruction project has an “Environmental Checklist” online now for feedback – find it link from this page (scroll down to Alki Elementary, click the plus sign to expand; there is also information on how to comment).

NEXT MEETING: The Alki Community Council will be taking leave in August, so the next meeting will be on September 22.