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West Seattle Blog… | RAPIDRIDE H LINE: 3 notes on shafts

Road reconstruction completed; the installation of the station has begun. But a lot of the latest update from the RapidRide H Line project team is about trees.

(Photo SDOT)

MORE TREES: Beyond what is already in some of the medians, the project team has a lot more tree planting to do:

We have a policy of planting 2 new trees for 1 felled tree. The project will plant approximately 150 trees along the project area once landscaping is complete.

Our Urban Forestry team worked with the project’s landscaping contractor to identify and finalize new tree locations on and near Delridge Way SW. These locations were marked with stakes in the median and planting strips along the corridor. We plan to plant these trees and restore the hallway with grass next spring.

If you would like to provide feedback on the proposed locations for these trees, please contact the Urban Forestry team at [email protected].

DEVELOPMENT OF THE SHELTER WORKSITE: The project team also notes, “If you live near a bus shelter installed by King County Metro, be aware that pruning to a height greater than 11 to 12 feet of vertical clearance is required for the installation of a bus shelter. bus shelters. If trees near your property need to be trimmed, you will receive additional notification of the timing of this work from King County Metro. This work will be done by a tree service company registered under an SDOT Urban Forestry Permit to provide an 11-12 foot clearance for the installation of a shelter. They plan to schedule this work in February.

REMINDER FOR OWNERS: The update also includes a reminder that homeowners should keep trees and shrubs trimmed eight feet above sidewalks. More details on this are in the full update.