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West Seattle Blog… | Subject: Cat sitter (and small pet) from West Seattle

Cat sitter team – Main duties are to provide companionship/play, food, clean boxes and light cleaning if needed. Some cats will want to play, some will want to cuddle, and some may not want to engage. The expectation at work is to read and follow detailed instructions from an app on your phone, adapting to needs and on-the-go situations, while caring for the cat(s). Please only apply if you are a “cat person” and enjoy their company.

Please be able to follow detailed instructions – Many of our customers have specific needs and requests. It is imperative that you follow all customer requirements to ensure the safety and well-being of yourself, pets and property.

Communication – With any job in pet services, you are going to have questions, concerns, or complications at some point. We work as a team. It is important that you know when to ask questions and when to ask for help. We use different apps on our phones to work and communicate and we will train you to use it at work. We don’t text or call our staff regularly, we value work-life balance and healthy boundaries.

Honesty – Above all else, we need everyone on our team to be honest. If you don’t have empathy or don’t lead with honesty no matter what, this isn’t the role or team for you.

Qualifications and skills

Transportation Requirement – You must have a valid driver’s license, an insured/reliable vehicle and a smart phone with a data plan.

Active position – Pet Sitting is an independent position and physical work. The candidate must be able to bend, kneel, stand for several minutes at a time and lift 25 pounds.

Must have smart phone, reliable vehicle and proof of insurance.

Advantages and Benefits

Industry Competitive Compensation – We offer competitive compensation of $16.50 to $18 per hour as an employee. We pay for travel time.

Promotional Opportunities – We are an established and growing company. We prefer to promote from within and anticipate the need to expand our management team in the future.

Driving time – We pay for driving time

Paid Sick Leave – You will accrue sick leave as an employee of CTH.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Covid safety protocols in place and PPE provided.

The company is located west of Seattle and in select white centers.

(Ongoing background check is required, we will comply with RCW 49.94.010)

Remuneration: 4:50 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Type of job: part-time

Please apply on our website: