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West Seattle Blog… | Thread: PT Home Cleaner needed! Green Business – Benefits!!

Join a special team! Help design happiness one home at a time!

We are looking for part-time cleaners to join our team at Green Wagon Cleaning! We pride ourselves on a win-win culture, a customer-focused environment where cleaners and their customers are seen as customers, who should be nurtured, listened to, inspired and nurtured to have their best life and do their best. work !
Our motto is
“from our love to your house!”

And we put that energy and focus on compassion and caring at the forefront of everything we do.
Our cleaners receive all the equipment, support, training and encouragement needed to bring out the best in themselves, our clients’ homes and our community! We only keep and maintain the best and most caring customers, and we hire, maintain and employ only the best cleaners to fulfill this mission!

What kind of clients would you help?

Our first job is customer relations! We are primarily recurring duty house cleaners, so most of our business is a) within Seattle city limits, and b) is recurring cleanings that occur at least once a month, mostly every other day. weeks. We help individuals, families and their pets get the most out of their beautiful homes! We love our customers, and they love us back! We don’t nurture relationships that don’t work for both parties, so no “difficult” clients – we only create and foster relationships that encourage us to perform at our best.

How are our green house cleaners prepared for their job?

Our home cleaners work in teams of two and are carefully supervised and monitored. They are trained by hand on our tools, supplies and techniques in the field! No online video lessons – only one-on-one mentoring We provide you with the quality checklists you need to check your own work after the one-on-one mentoring process is complete. You are also mentored and encouraged by your senior team members, who care about investing in your success!

What the work ?

Three days a week to start, an average of 6.5 hours a day working with the team The team works together all day – no split shifts, no “only morning” or “only evening” schedules afternoon” Our opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. No weekends or holidays (please refer to our manual for holidays covered) The work involves the general sprucing up of the home, which consists of thorough cleaning of exterior surfaces and kitchen appliances and fixtures. bathrooms, dusting, priming common areas, mitigating pet hair and generally sprucing up furniture, making beds, taking out trash and recycling, as well as vacuuming and cleaning floors. It involves having an open heart and mind, a friendly and fun attitude, and a willingness to work in a position where everyone truly cares about each other, their customers, and their colleagues.

What is the compensation package?

* Base salary of $20/hour to start, plus tip (average salary = $22.50 per hour with tip)

* $21/hour after 6 months and positive reviews from customers and peers (average $24.50 per hour with tip)

*Drivers receive a $6 driving allowance per stop (drivers average $26-27/hour with driving allowance and tip)

* $200 Retention Bonus after two weeks with us, AND 6 months and EVERY SIX MONTHS thereafter!!!

* Paid driving time between stops is PAID

* $200 Recruitment Bonus when you hire a team member who stays for 6 weeks!

* 5 days of paid vacation after six months which does not affect your PTO balance!

* Exceptional Holiday Bonuses – anyone who starts now will immediately qualify for a crew share of the bonus!

* Medical assistance if needed!

In addition to attractive financial compensation, we offer:

Flexible paid time off of up to 40 hours per year, with accrual from day one Generous customer bonuses Be part of a team of the best colleagues in the industry No longer clean alone – work with a team, earn benefits, and stop using your own equipment and supplies to clean up! We provide everything
How can I apply to be a house cleaner with Green Wagon?

It’s easy… you do it on this link… here: