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What’s wrong with the Bucs? –

What’s wrong with the Bucs?

October 23, 2022

In search of answers.

The Bucs have talent but only once have they scored more than 21 points in a game.

It is simply shameful.

So what’s going on? Crazy challenge BSPN’s Billy Barnwell decided to take a in-depth statistical analysis discover.

Three Areas Where Offense Hurts, by Barnwell. It would be the offensive line – not pass blocking, but run blocking – hardly any production from tight end position and ongoing play.

Oh, and Barnwell thinks the Bucs need to improve on their No. 3 receiver spot.

The critical element, Barnwell discovered, is the displacement of the chains.

They went from being the third least likely team to produce a three-and-one between 2020 and 2021 to their eighth most likely team.

The Bucs, Barnwell noted, don’t see many defensive men in the run box because teams aren’t afraid of the Bucs’ running offense. And still the Bucs can’t move the ball on the ground.

It’s not new. They’re averaging just 3.1 yards per carry, the league’s worst mark of three-tenths of a yard. Unsurprisingly, the NFL Next Gen Stats rushing model brings most of that into play; we would expect Bucs backs to generate just 3.8 yards per carry given their blocking, which is the third-fewest expected rushing yards per game. Tampa backs are still generating less than 0.5 yards on the ground against expectations per game, which is the fifth-worst mark in the league.

Yes, the return of Ryan Jensen would help a lot. An upgrade from Gage would also be great. said Barwell. However, Barnwell thinks he has the critical answer to the question, “how can the Bucs improve their third down offense, red zone offense and run blocking?”

Do whatever it takes to get Rob Gronkowski’s foot rub back.