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Why Efeso Collins is scaring the Auckland Left establishment

The colossal strategic blunder of the Auckland Left establishment to back such a weak candidate as Richard Hills is driven by two forces, old loyalty to the left’s talent dynamics and new woke identitarianism.

Efeso’s working-class intelligence and mana are a threat to the establishment left’s demand for total enslavement and his strong moral faith runs counter to woke identitarianism.

His desire to put the poor first is Bernie Sander populism when all the Auckland Left establishment wants is a technocratic, socially liberal managerial candidate who ensures correct pronoun usage and Guyon pronunciation Espiner at te Reo level.

Richard Hills is that candidate.

Phil says he won’t be going to Washington as New Zealand’s ambassador, but he would say that until he shakes hands with Biden.

What is most offensive about the desire to make Richard the nominee is that there is little change for him to win.

The Auckland Left establishment honestly thinks that with Goff’s tacit approval and a big smiling picture of Jacinda, that’s enough for Hills to win.

It’s not!

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The push (which TDB started in October) is for a primary to select the left-wing candidate, but the Auckland Left establishment is terrified of Efeso going home to Hills.

The jealousy that the Auckland Left establishment feels towards Efeso has been building up for years and by throwing his hat in the ring he has committed the most cardinal sin one can do on the left, self-confidence .

As it escalates into a vicious back-to-the-back shit fight, Aucklanders will recoil in disgust.

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