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Why I Test Airlines

Hello everyone!

Concerned about theft? You’re not alone. I have heard many of you upset and angry about last minute cancellations and delays. I know it can be frustrating. My husband’s flight home from a work trip was recently canceled at the last minute. He returned 24 hours later but we are still waiting for his luggage.

What’s going on? Much of this has to do with scheduling, staffing issues, and pandemic issues.

So on Wednesday we put the airlines to the test. We are flying to a very popular destination for Detroit locals…Orlando!

Orlando is always a hot spot. I flew with the family earlier this year and luckily had no problems. I flew to Florida another time and just faced a 3 hour delay. It happens sometimes, right? Not serious. I spent the extra time working at DTW.

Our goal is to show you what it’s really like to travel now… what can you learn from the problems we’re having? We’re all in the same boat, aren’t we?

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Here is an overview of our coverage plan for Wednesday on air, online and on Local4+:

Help Me Hank Travel Test

6:30 a.m.: The test begins

7:30 a.m.: Security & boarding

8am: Jason Carr Live inside Metro Airport

Midday: Arrival in Orlando

4 p.m.: Registration

5 p.m.: The travel experience

6 p.m. : Track flight delays

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