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WWE Raw Results, Live Blog (May 9, 2022): WrestleMania Backlash Fallout

WWE Monday night gross returns to our lives tonight (May 9, 2022) from the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut, with all the fallout from the WrestleMania backlash pay-per-view (PPV) that collapsed last night in Providence, Rhode Island.

Announced for tonight: Cody Rhodes challenges Austin Theory for the American title. Plus, there’s a lot to understand now that WrestleMania backlash is in the books, including what, if anything, Roman Reigns will do about the red brand that still firmly controls both titles. RK-Bro lost in the six-man at the event, but they are still champions with titles some want. Speaking of titles, Bianca Belair was not booked for this show and she will surely be featured as we prepare for Hell in a cell beginning of next month. All this, and much more!

Come back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw The live blog will begin once the show begins on USA Network. It will be below this line here.


Let’s throw weird celebrations, forget who, forget what, forget where. We will have bizarre celebrations, I will play the Satyr in Cyprus, you the bride being stripped naked. Let’s pretend we don’t exist, let’s pretend we’re in Antarctica, let me live blog this pro wrestling show here for you guys.

The show opens with a recap of last night’s main event.

RK-BRO walks in and gets on the mic.

Randy Orton welcomes us to the show and says that for all they had, they lost the battle against the Bloodline. But the war isn’t over and Roman Reigns canceled the unification match because he knew The Usos were going to lose, so they’re going to storm SmackDown on Friday and demand a unification match.

Enter street profits.

They take the mic and acknowledge RK-BRO’s hard loss and say they should be worried about them and not the Bloodline. So they may have some unfinished business, but they’re here tonight in Connecticut to remind them that the Street Profits have it next and they’re going to be the ones unifying the tag titles.

Riddle asks if they want the smoke, they do, then says RK-BRO 4:20 says they just smoked your asses.

And so we’re going to take a break.

RK-BRO (Matt Riddle & Randy Orton) (c) vs. Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) (WWE Raw Tag Team Championship)

Ford and Riddle for starters fight the mat, Montez shakes off a tight spot and gives Matt a pat on the head. Riddle with a flying armbar, countered to a pin, no good, go-behind to a dormant hold, Ford throws it, schoolboy back, only two and he pats Ford on the head this time!

Tag Dawkins, push Riddle down, dodge the Stinger Splash, kick the corner, tag Orton! Landing uppercuts, mounted punches in the corner, back to Riddle, reverse whip, the scissors take Angelo to the ground where he trips Matt on the apron!

Ride with a tope con giro to send us to the scrapyard!

Back from publicity, profits under control and Riddle’s job, he gets the ripcord knee and we get tags! Orton in heat with lariats, knocking down Dawkins, scoop scoop powerslam, one for Ford too, hooking DDT on Angelo! RKO Denied, Riddle Blind Tag, Lightning Knee, Back Body Drop Get to the Floor, Apron Penalty Kick!

Corkscrew Asai moonsault but Ford ducks and he takes out Randy! Spinebuster from Dawkins, tag to Ford, from the top… ORTON BREAKS IT UP! Go up with an enzuigiri, go back down to the top but Riddle is ready…

RK-BRO won via pinfall with an RKO of Matt Riddle over Montez Ford to retain the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship.

Austin Theory is interviewed on stage.

He says he doesn’t need to prepare for Cody Rhodes because he’s already great and he’s only scratching the surface of his full potential. He was practically wearing diapers the last time Cody was in WWE and he doesn’t care about the past, respect or history, he’s looking to the future, and the future is him.

We get a recap of AJ Styles vs. Edge last night and the addition of Rhea Ripley to Judgment Day.

Judgment Day is coming in and we’re going to take a break.

Back from the commercial, Edge takes the mic.

He says he formed Judgment Day because he’s not a sheep, and what has being a sheep got to him? A Hall of Fame ring that he’s bigger than? A broken body? Stupid dumb comments from internet warriors? They hand us the mirror and we don’t like it, but nothing and no one can touch them.

Damian Priest says the truth hurts, and he and Edge were individually capable of destroying each of our favorites, but together they’re something more, and if you think that’s bad, just imagine adding an instrument of brutality like Rhea Ripley. He demands that we all stand up for her.

She takes the mic and says she saw them change for the better and she wanted it for herself. She ended up signing autographs for little kids at airports only to see those autographs sold on eBay, she ended up being used, and that’s why she joined Judgment Day.

She focuses on Liv Morgan, promising to give her a reason to cry when she completely destroys her. Edge says that Damian the Punishment and Rhea the Eradicator are now his Fate Saints.

Liv Morgan comes in and we’re going to take a break.

Back from the ad, we get a hype reel for Money in the Bank.

Liv Morgan vs. Rhea Ripley

Brawling out of the gates, Ripley receives a shoulder thrust in the corner, knocking her across the ring after, booting up, Rhea with body shots and another shoulder thrust to cut her off. Jockey to position herself in the turnbuckles, Liv with a Frankensteiner springboard, dropkick into the ropes, but she runs into a boot from Ripley for two!

Crushing Morgan’s face against the mat, choking him with the ropes, crushing him with body scissors. Stepping on her back, pump handle, Liv blocks Riptide, dodges a lariat, forearms, dodges a lariat, windmill right hands, kick combo, DDT floats above Rhea!

Springboard to the Reverse Codebreaker… NO! Double jump, Rhea smashes it and grabs the cloverleaf standing in the middle of the ring! Liv struggles…

Rhea Ripley wins by submission with the cloverleaf.

After the match, Edge gives a signal to Rhea and she grabs the cloverleaf again, shaking Liv as she screams!

Enter Finn Balor, joined shortly after by AJ Styles, and we go for a break.

Damian Priest vs. Finn Balor

Balor goes for an armbar, floats over, side headlock, shot, shoulder block and Priest hits Finn in the corner. Broken Arrow, cover for two, reverse whip, Balor’s basement dropkick sets up ground punches! Double leg in the double stomp, chops and shoulder kicks in the corner!

Reverse Whip, Reverse South of Heaven, Sling Blade Connect! Finn takes Damian to the ground, off the ropes, Rhea Ripley interferes, Edge comes in with a spear and referee Chad Patton has no choice…

Finn Balor wins by disqualification.

After the match, AJ joins the fray but Ripley gets involved and he won’t hit her, so Judgment Day turns the tables and eliminates Styles with their high/low!

We get a recap of Bobby Lashley vs Omos.

Omos enters, flanked by Montel Vontavious Porter as usual, and we leave for the break.

Back from the commercial, Alpha Academy talks to Kevin Owens behind the scenes about his crusade to prove that Ezekiel and Elias are the same person.

Chad Gable has sent samples to a DNA lab and says next week they will have undeniable proof! Kevin Owens tells how his brother Ken, who won the Grand Prix three times, will be here tonight to fight Ezekiel and prove himself a fraud.

MVP and Omos are in the ring for the VIP lounge.

Porter gives Omos a great intro and says everything he said is gospel truth – he made Bobby Lashley All Mighty, then he tried for the glory, leaving the man who made champion watch at home from the sidelines.

Enter Cedric Alexandre.

He brags about how “we” did it and MVP lets him into the ring. Cedric says that with Montel’s leadership, Omos’ strength and power, and his technical expertise – Porter asks who “us” is and cuts him off, saying he likes it but –

Enter Bobby Lashley.

Bob takes MVP’s safety before catching Cedric diving and throwing him against the barricade! Sliding into the ring, he came face to face with Omos and the clothesline over the ropes and on the floor before clashing with MVP! Alexander jumps him from behind, Lashley pushes him away but that gives Porter time to get away!

Cédric dives again and finds himself trapped in the Hurt Lock!

Behind the scenes, Sonya Deville tries to convince Adam Pearce to drop his investigation. Pearce says he needs to have a talk with her and she says that can wait until after her match, and she doesn’t care who she wrestles.

Sonya comes in and we’re going to take a break.

Back from the commercial, Adam Pearce comes out and says Sonya Deville’s conduct investigation is complete.

She was found abusing her power and her contract as a WWE official is terminated! But she’s still a WWE Superstar, and her opponent tonight is… ALEXA BLISS!

Alexa Bliss vs. Sonya Deville