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Yamaha back with another 0% markup plan for bikes

And again, Yamaha has announced an opportunity for consumers to purchase its bicycles in easy installments. The company came back with a 0% markup plan for bikes. According to the company’s recent social media post, customers could get a bike in installments with zero interest, which they had to complete in 12 months. The Offer is specific to holders of MCB debit or credit cards.

Plus, the offer applies to all Yamaha bikes. Attention, interested consumers can visit the MCB for more details.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first offering; earlier, the company announced the same 4-month installment offer.

Previous offer with 0% markup

Yamaha Motor Pakistan has offered an installment plan for their bikes with a 0% markup. According to the company’s dealers, the consumer would have to pay the 50% amount as a down payment, while the rest could be paid in four months. However, the Offer was only valid for certain cities, on a limited stock and for a limited time.

Possible reasons for the offer on Yamaha bikes

It’s obvious that the company didn’t do it with a good heart, it could rather be a sign of weak sales, and through this offer Yamaha wants to increase the numbers. According to data from the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA), the company has sold only 2,503 units in the past two months, which is significantly lower than last year’s 3,985 units during the same period. .

The second and perhaps the main reason is the continued price hikes by Yamaha. The company has hiked bike prices four times in 2022 alone. Yamaha bike prices have increased from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 60,000 on average this year, which is a huge leap in just 7-8 months. Due to these leaps, all Yamaha bikes now cost more than Rs. 250,000 and are indeed beyond the reach of a normal person. Most Pakistanis cannot afford such expensive bikes for daily use.